XG Sciences manufactures graphene nanoplatelets for use in advanced materials and energy applications

xGnP® Brand Graphene Nanoplatelet Applications

xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets include the beneficial properties of graphene (electrical and thermal conductivity, stiffness, etc.) as well as those derived from its unique size and shape. When used in composite applications, these graphene nanoplatelets impart desirable properties to its carrier material that depend upon the size, density and orientation of the platelets.

In general, xGnP® Brand Graphene Nanoplatelets have been found to compare favorably with competitive materials in the following applications:

  • Fuel tank and fuel line coatings: the unique shape of our particles imparts high barrier properties that, when coupled with its electrical conductivity, make this an ideal additive to Nylon for fuel tank linings.
  • Electronic enclosures: adds electrical conductivity to polymers at low densities of 3 to 5 wt%. These materials can also be used to provide EMI or RFI shielding to a variety of polymers.
  • Automotive parts: a composite made with xGnP® brand nanoplatelets can be painted electrostatically, thereby saving costs.
  • Aerospace: graphite has long been used in aerospace composites. Our nanoplatelets can be combined with other additives to reinforce stiffness, add electrical conductivity, add EMI shielding, etc.
  • Appliances: fortified polymers provide superior thermal and electrical conductivity, thereby saving the costs of separate heat dissipation mechanisms.
  • Sporting goods: graphite-based composites are stronger and stiffer and lighter than comparable materials.
  • Coatings and paints: our platelets can be dispersed in a wide variety of materials to add electrical conductivity and surface durability.
  • Batteries: xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets increase the effectiveness of Lithium-ion batteries when used to formulate electrodes.
  • Fuel cells: both bi-polar plate and electrode efficiencies can be improved.