XG Sciences manufactures graphene nanoplatelets for use in advanced materials and energy applications

xGnP® Brand Graphene Nanoplatelets

products1Our xGnP® brand Graphene Nanoplatelets are short stacks of graphene sheets made through a proprietary manufacturing process.

We typically ship our xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets as a dry powder.These platelets are available in different grades, with average particle thickness ranging from about 5 nanometers to about 15 nanometers. This equates to an average surface area ranging from about 60 to 150 m2/g. Each grade is available with average particle diameters of 5, 15 or 25 microns.

We Also Work with Compounders to Provide Masterbatch Formulations

We work with major compounders to supply xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets in high-density masterbatch formulations. That way, you don't need to worry about complex surface chemistry, dispersion, adhesion, or high-energy mixing techniques. Nor do you need to handle dry nano-particles. Depending on the matrix material, we supply masterbatches with densities of 15 - 30 wt% that can be stepped down by a factor of five to ten at your facility.

Our partners can supply dispersions of xGnP® in thermoset resins, thermoplastic resins, elastomers and other carrier materials. Most common resin systems are supported. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs in detail.

One of our partners, Ovation Polymers, produces a line of performance masterbatch compounds called ExTima™ GP that incorporate our xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets to provide unique properties with performance resins.

We Engineer Polymers to Meet Specific Requirements

products2Our scientists have been testing xGnP®-based polymers for years. We can formulate composites of common matrix materials to meet specific needs in areas like:

  • Electro-static Dissipation (ESD)
  • Electromagnetic and Radio-frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) applications
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Improved Impermeability (gases, fuels, solvents)
  • Improved mechanical properties like stiffness or surface toughness

Please see about xGnP® for technical data regarding these various property enhancements.