About xGnP® Graphene Nanoplatelets
Graphene Nanoplatelets represent a new class of carbon nanoparticles with multifunctional properties

Energy Storage and Capacitance

xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets can have a very high surface area and excellent capacitance. Depending on the specific formulation, our materials compare favorably with industry standard electrode additives for lithium-ion batteries and metal-air batteries, as well as ultracapacitors. We also see excellent applicability in dye-sensitized solar cells.

In Ultracapacitor applications, our materials deliver high capacitance even at higher scan rates and compare favorably to carbon nanotubes as well as to industry standards like highly-structured carbon black. Here is a comparison, for example, of capacitance vs. scan rates.

capacitance comparison chart

Click here for a short paper that provides more details on specific energy applications, with data based on xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets.

Note: the properties and measurements provided on this page are shown for comparison purposes only. The actual performance of xGnP® in a composite application will, of course, depend on matrix materials, processing, densities, and dispersion of the materials. In some cases, surface treatments or other functionalization can significantly improve results. For more information or for detailed recommendations regarding your application, please contact our research scientists.