XG Sciences manufactures and sells xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets and also develops advanced multifunctional materials based on our nanoplatelets. We work with end-users, compounders, universities and research groups to tailor our materials for specific applications.


We offer different grades and sizes of our xGnP® brand graphene nanoplatelets. These nanoplatelets are small stacks of graphene sheets about 6 nanometers in thickness made through a proprietary manufacturing process. We sell these platelets in sizes ranging from 5 micron to 25+ microns in diameter.

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We can help select the specific size and grade of material that meets your needs. Our scientists can also offer advice on specific surface treatment or dispersion techniques to suit your application. _______ ______


Our materials make an excellent low-cost nano-additive in composite applications to improve electrical, thermal, barrier, or mechanical properties.

Likewise, we improve energy storage or electronics applications where high electrical conductivity or capacitance is required.

About Us

XG Sciences, Inc. is a privately held corporation serving customers around the world. Our headquarters are in East Lansing, Michigan

Our technologies were developed in large part at the Composite Materials and Structures Center in the Michigan State University College of Engineering.